Traders are classified into two types: Market takers or Market makers. With each order executed, trading fees will be calculated and processed.

  • Market takers are those who seek and take liquidity out of the order book instantly. These people will be charged a taker fee.
  • Market makers are those who provide liquidity and improve depth to the order book. These people will be charged a maker fee.
  • Trading fee will be charged to the account balance, completely does not affect the initial deposit.
  • Rates below are applied to Non-Vip Users. Vip Users also use the same formulas listed below.

Taker Fee Rate

Maker Fee Rate



Trading fee calculation formula


Trading Fee = Order value * Trading fee rate

Order value = Quantity * Executed price


Trader A long 10 BTC at USD 8,000 , using market order

Trader B short 10 BTC at USD 8,000 , using limit order

Taker fee will be charged for A: 10 * 8000 * 0.04% = 32 USDT

Maker fee will be charged for B: 10 * 8000 * 0.02% = 16 USDT

When the order is executed, A will have to pay 32 USDT for taker fees, B will have to pay 16 USDT for maker fees.